42” HooSpat


The 42” HooSpat is a horse. These are for the backyard fire pits, state park ground grills and whopper custom smokers and grills. The blade of this spatula could dig the hole for your fire, move logs in the fire, shave the coals from the wood then clean it off and cook with it. This is the original beast that I made for myself and camping buds. This HooSpat is the original “around the campfire” idea I followed through on, and it’s led the way all of the others.

All of our spatulas are made of high quality, premium materials. The ergonomic, axe-style handle is extra-long for comfortable, heat-free grilling and is made of hickory wood that was masterfully crafted in Jasper, Tennessee. The blade is big and sturdy enough to handle your biggest steaks and is set at a perfect angle for managing your grill from a distance. The blade and shaft are made of one solid piece of 14 gauge stainless steel, with the bottom of the shaft featuring a steel-cut American flag icon. There’s also a Hoosier Spatula Co. logo printed onto one side of the handle near the shaft.

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All spatulas are handmade in our barn and have unique visual details. Even the hardest of woods like hickory can warp slightly so the spatula head might have a slight pitch to the left or right. The metal might have a scratch or two from handling.


  • 42″ HooSpat model handle has approximate dimensions:
    • Length: 37″
    • Width: ( narrowest: 0.8″, widest: 1.6″ )
    • Height: ( near shaft: 2.25″, middle: 1.25″, near knob: 1.75″ )
  • All HooSpat models feature a one-piece steel blade & shaft with approximate dimensions:
    • Blade Length: 5″
    • Blade Width: 4″
    • Blade Thickness: 2mm ( front is slightly tapered )
    • Shaft Length: 5″
    • Shaft Width: ( near blade: 4″, near handle: 1″ )
    • Shaft Thickness: 2mm
  • All HooSpat models feature a steel cut-out of an American flag icon on the widest end of the shaft with approximate dimensions:
    • Length: 1.75″
    • Height: 1.25″