The first extra-long, premium outdoor cooking spatulas crafted for safety and durability

For years, we’ve spent long weekends enjoying the great outdoors, camping and grilling out with family and friends. The tents are dry and stable, coolers keep ice cold, cast iron skillets fry the perfect eggs, but our spatulas have never been long or sturdy enough to handle campfire cooking. Singed hand hair and smoke in the eyes led to the first Hoosier Spatula. We needed a handle long enough to reach the center of the grate to flip a burger without enduring third degree burns or sturdy enough to move a cast iron skillet out of the way of incoming sausages.

Our product innovation comes from necessity and firsthand experience. We fell so in love with the original 24″ model that we created the 32″ and 42″ models for our own grilling at home. We’re so happy we weren’t the only ones looking for well-built, durable and functional spatulas!

All Hoosier Spatulas are made in the USA from the highest quality components we could find. The stainless steel spatula’s are cut in Knightstown, Indiana and the Hickory wooden handles are turned in Jasper, Tennessee. These spatulas are made to last through generations to come. Hoosier Spatulas are the utensils of choice for camping enthusiasts, tailgaters, and backyard barbecues because everyone knows, “Longer IS Better”!